A great alternative to the Hardback Branded Notebooks. Soft Cover Branded Notebooks share the same quality cover materials and note pages as some of their hard back cousins. They just have the hard boards removed and so turn into more flexible branded notebooks.


Soft Cover Branded Notebooks, your flexible friends?

There is a good reason why this type of branded notebooks are loved by students & reporters.

They are lightweight yet still durable and can be folded over to create more space. Just what is needed when all you have is a small table to work on.

In the ‘new normal’ not everyone is on the go and not everyone wants to be.
More and more people are working from home since COVID-19. Which means that they are have to share their working area with their normal home areas.
Space becomes a premium.

And so the more that things can fit into a convenient space the better.
Soft Cover Branded Notebooks tick all the right boxes for this.

Another problem that these specific custom notebooks solve, is how to get client gifts to the people.

Giving custom notebooks with logo branded is a brilliant idea as a gift. However they can incur more of a postage cost than other gifts.

Using flexible branded notebooks reduces the postage costs as the weight is less. The Notebook Warehouse can also help with postage fulfilment including GDPR compliance.

We are part of Per Annum Ltd. Founded for over 25 years we provide many companies with their branded merchandise needs.

Our main aim is to provide the very best in quality of goods and service. We know how important these will be to you and so we strive to achieve them daily. Custom Notebooks are a small part of what we can offer to you. Contact us and let us know what your needs are. You will be surprised at what else we can do for you.

When you need Soft Cover Branded Notebooks and more gifts, we are sure you will find, we are the best choice.