Write your story with Custom Moleskine Notebooks

The Moleskine brand’s contribution to the world of custom notebooks cannot be overstated.
It is by no means an accident that most notebooks with a strap closure are referred to as a custom Moleskine.
Marketed as bringing back to life notebooks used by Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin.
They have inspired people to view notebooks as fashion accessories as well as work essentials.


Image showing Custom Moleskine Notebooks ready for your Company Branding from The Notebook Warehouse

As a trademark Moleskine® was established in 1997. 
The ‘little black book’ quickly became established which led to the rapid expansion of its parent company Modo & Modo.
Due to increasing demands the company has been purchased 3 times and is currently owned by D’leteran.
Over the years the range has also extended.
From various format and colours of Notebooks to Travel accessories.
Now you can have more than just a custom moleskine notebooks.
You can also include custom Moleskine bags.

Stand out with a Custom Moleskine.

As these are one of the World’s most recognised names in notebooks, adding your branding will help your logo stand out.
We have many methods to help you create a custom moleskine cover.

Spot Colour Printing, one of the ways of applying your logo to Company Logo Notebooks. From The Notebook Warehouse.
Spot Printing
Image Showing Gold Foil Blocking on Custom Moleskine Notebooks
Foil Blocking
Image showing Custom Moleskine cover printed in 4 colours with ITV logo from the Notebook Warehouse
Digital Print
Image Showing Printed Belly Band for Company Branded Notebooks
Belly Bands

Why Custom Moleskine?

Custom Moleskine are a good aid to help you to promote your brand. If you are in need of a client gift that gives extra kudos these will not let you down. They are easy to for people to carry with them. Your brand will be on show, on desks, in meetings and when out socially.The many features of Custom Moleskine notebooks can match all that you could need. The Notebook Warehouse is part of Per Annum Ltd. Founded for over 25 years we provide many clients with their branding needs. Our main aim is to provide the very best in quality of goods and service. We know how important these will be to you and so we strive to achieve them daily. Custom notebooks are a small part of what we can offer. Call us, let us know all of your needs, you will be surprised at what else we can do. When you need custom Moleskine and more, we are sure you will find, we are the best choice.
Perfect when you want your Company Brand to be recognised. They are one of the world’s most recognised names in notebooks. We stock Custom Moleskine in more colours than just black. Acid free paper in three formats, all with rounded edges. The much sought after envelope pocket to the back. And, of course, that ever vital elastic strap for style.