Hardback Notebooks are, by far, the most popular branded notebooks. With sturdy covers that give support while taking notes. There are lots of options to choose from and all are guaranteed to be enjoyed by your staff or clients.

Brands that use a Hardback Branded Notebook

Spotlight on Hardback Branded Notebooks

Hardback Branded Notebook by The Notebook Warehouse

Ever since Moleskine burst onto the retail scene a hardback notebook with an elastic strap closure has become the go-to notebook for anyone to possess.

Promoting the heritage with famous authors and artist of this classic style of notebook captured the imagination of the creative thinking world. And, as they say, the rest is history.

As with most retail products it didn’t take long for this style of notebooks to become desired by brands and businesses. And so too the promotional industry long. Now hardback branded notebooks are amongst the top selling promotional products.

Why is a hardback branded notebook the better option?

  • Sturdy: Hardback notebooks are, as the name implies, hardback. Simply put this means that the cover material is glued on hard cover boards. The covers give a good, solid, surface to write on. This means you can take them almost anywhere.
  • Colours: Because Hardback branded notebooks have become so popular we can offer you more choice. These choices can start with the colour of the cover. No longer do you have to pick a corporate colour but you can opt for bright or pastel colours instead. Branded notebook ranges such as Tucson and Mole have over 20 different colours each. We’re certain one will match your needs.
  • Layouts: You don’t have to be stuck with ruled pages. Again you can choose from a variety of page layouts for your branded hardback notebook. Layouts can match how your clients will use the notebooks. Plain pages for creatives, graph or dotted pages for engineers.

Of course, hardback branded notebooks are not just for businesses. They can also be used by schools, nonprofits, and other organizations. If you’re looking for a way to promote your brand, boost morale, or keep track of important information, a hardback branded notebook is a great option.

Reasons to choose Branded Notebooks

When choosing promotional products or client gifts, it is easy to look to the latest digital or gimmicky branded merchandise. But overlooking branded notebooks would be a mistake. Branded notebooks and promotional notebooks are valuable and cost effective marketing tools.

The time a branded notebook stays in front of your client is longer than most other promotional gifts. A cheap promotional product, which is gimmicky, can be easily discarded, once the novelty has passed. This is not the same for notebooks with branded logo. Clients know how useful a notebook is are and will use them continuously. Make sure the branded notebooks your clients use are yours.