The Notebook Warehouse has created Customised Notebooks for leading Brands and Companies for over 25 years.

Our Knowledge and Expertise can help you create YOUR perfect Company Branded Notebooks

With an amazing selection of notebooks, and pens, to choose from, plus the ability to create something bespoke, we are certain you have come to the right place. Explore further to find out what we can offer. Alternatively if you have a specific enquiry please contact us and let us know the details.


We have many options for your customised notebooks, below are the most requested. If there are others you need let us know. We are sure we can help you further.


Notebooks come in many shapes and sizes. But they can be split into the type of binding and cover they have. Below are the most popular, click on the image to discover what we have available in that range.

Classic Hardback Moleskine Company Logo Notebooks from The Notebook Warehouse

Classic style Notebooks. Rigid cover with many cover materials to choose from.

Polypro Custom Wiro Notebook, excellent Company Logo Notebooks.

Practical but with many custom options. Great for training, engineers and clubs.

Contrast Flexible Branded Notebooks from The Notebook Warehouse

Your new flexible friend. A relation to the hardback but by no means a soft option.


Feel the need for more than one colour on your notebooks? A great choice awaits you.

Haven’t found what you are looking for, or uncertain where to start. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Please let us know a few brief details and we can guide you further.

Customised Notebooks still prove to be one of the best client gifts you can give. They will remain with your client wherever they work. Office, meetings or at home. Holding their valuable notes and ideas and always showing your name. They are something you will always be thanked for. Customised Notebooks also give great value for money. Other promotional gifts can be very disposable. Once received they are used a few times and then forgotten. This isn’t the case with Company Branded Notebooks. Their purpose is well known and they are used constantly. You can be sure your branding will go a long way with these.