Branded Notebooks for Journaling

There are many benefits when your clients use your branded notebooks for journaling.

Not only will they promote your brand. Your notebooks with logo could relieve stress. Help with recovery. Or be the catalyst for your clients’ next big venture.


Promotional products are well established tools in the marketing mix. Having branded merchandise with your logo that stays in front of your client can prove to be cost effective. Choosing the right ones that matches your brand and your customer is very important.

Branded Notebooks are one of the most popular promotional items. They are practical. Constantly used by the clients. And stay with them longer than many corporate gifts. But have you considered how much they could be helping with your client’s well-being? Or that they could lead to your clients next big venture.



Moleskine’s tagline “Start Telling Your Story” supports their belief in Branded Notebooks for Journaling. Based on the notebooks used by many great writers and artists. they know the power of committing your thoughts and ideas to a page.

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Branded Notebooks for Journaling and Well Being

During the current pandemic, mental health and personal well-being has become a concern for all of us. We have all suffered stress in many parts of our lives. One of the main ways we have felt this is through a sense of isolation. Not being able to meet family, friends and work colleagues has been hard. Sending a client or employee a custom notebook can provide a touch from a distance. And show you are thinking of them.

But it can also do much more.


Solid research evidence suggests that writing about emotional upheavals can reduce feelings of distress, improve sleep, and even boost mental and physical health.

The Pandemic Project is a website set up to record this moment in history. It encourages people to submit their stories of the coronavirus online on its site. Recording what they did during these times. But more importantly what they thought and felt. They believe such expressive writing will help in this time of great stress. Your branded notebooks could help your clients in the same way. Allowing them to convey their emotions without fear.

A Cambridge University study also indicates the benefits that journaling could give for well-being. In the study participants wrote about their traumatic and stressful events for 15-20 minutes. The results showed how this exercise improved their physical and psychological health.

So your promotional notebooks can become more than a corporate gift. It could become a place for your clients to put their problems, fears and concerns. Helping them to rationalise and look objectively at what is troubling them. Using branded notebooks for journaling could, in fact, aid your customers recovery from a crisis.

Mole Notebooks

Colour can also help with a person’s well-being. Mole Notebooks come in many colours. Including bright and pastel shades. It’s no surprise that these are one of our best selling promotional notebooks. Perhaps your branding does not allow for bright colours. This is why there is a choice of strong corporate shades.

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Branded Notebooks for Journaling and Self Improvement

You may think that the idea of personal self improvement  began in the 20th Century. And is still a relatively new thing. Yet, in 1859 a book by Samuel Smiles, called Self-Help, was published. This book is widely regarded as kick starting the genre. But, it was during the 20th Century that self-improvement became an industry. One thing that the pioneers of the movement agree on is the power of keeping a journal. Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Tom Ferriss all recommend journaling.

If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured and unique individual, keep a journal.

Jim Rohn gave 3 clear advantages to keeping a journal. They were Clarity, Problem-Solving and Communication. Writing about a situation helps give it perspective. Letting us look at it more objectively. This can help find ways to solve the problem. And can allow us to communicate this better to ourselves and others.

Writing goals in a notebook can be a good way of helping you to commit to achieving them. Your clients’ goal might be their next big venture. How great would it be if these goals were first conceived in branded notebooks given by you. 


Castelli Notebooks

Castelli have been creating Promotional Notebooks and Branded Diaries for over 50 years. They have built their brand on beautifully crafted paper products. And can boast a wide choice of styles and colours. For a perfect corporate notebook they are an excellent choice.

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So, you may be thinking of ordering branded notebooks as a great marketing tool. But you may be giving much more. Your promotional notebooks could be a stress reliever or the catalyst for the next revolutionary ides.