Branded Eco Notebooks for your Company and the World

The rate of global deforestation is alarming. And definitely something we should all be aware of.
Between 2015 and 2020 the rate of deforestation decreased. An estimated 10 million hectares per year, down from 16 million hectares per year in the 1990s.
However, this still means primary forests have decreased by an area of over 80 million hectares since 1990.
The first major consideration for inclusion in our branded eco notebooks range has to be limiting the damage to the world’s forests.
Notebooks within the eco branded notebooks selection have either recycled paper or paper from responsibly sourced origins.
Recycled paper is exactly what it says: Paper that has been saved from ending up in landfills. Or immediately disposed of, when first used, in other ways.
Currently, the UK recycled 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard. And paper fibres can be recycled repeatedly, up to 5 times.
This means that the branded eco notebooks you give, with recycled paper, can continue to be recycled once your client has used them.
The other consideration for the paper in our eco branded notebooks range, is sustainability.
The Forestry Stewardship Council was formed in 1994. Committed to a voluntary, market based approach that would improve forestry practices worldwide.
Paper that receives the FSC certification comes from sustainable managed forests. These forests preserve biological diversity and benefit the local people.
It is refreshing to note that responsible paper manufacturers, as a whole, plant more new trees than they cut down to use for pulping.
This equates to at least two seedlings for every tree.
Prohibition of displacement and violence towards indigenous people, is also crucial to FSC certification. Forests support 1.6 billion of the poorest people in the world.
It would be difficult to choose only one type of paper for our branded eco notebooks range. Recycled or FSC certified.
Both have their merits and both are commendable for their environmental sustainability.
This is the reason why we have included both within our eco branded notebooks.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

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All chosen for their ability to reduce the impact on the environment.
These include;

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Why use Branded Notebooks

Don’t believe the hype that says paper are pens are no longer used.
Especially when it comes to a work setting.
There isn’t many occasions where we’ve been to a meeting and somebody has decided to take their meeting notes on a mobile device.
Not only could their thumbs not work quick enough to keep up with the meeting. But I’m sure everyone in the room would think they were rude and wonder if they were ordering an Uber.

Paper and pens are definitely here to stay. Which makes using Branded Notebooks and Promotional Notebooks for your company branding a worthwhile use of your marketing budget.

The return on your investment is truly great. Your notebooks with logo have a relatively low cost compared with other branded products. Yet their longevity goes far beyond most.
They will be used by your clients most days, keeping your brand name in front of them. And when they go to meetings and take them out, your name will be on display to others.