How to Choose your Branded Notebooks


Struggling to decide?
Let our handy guide help you.

Branded Notebooks are one of the most popular promotional products today. And it’s not hard to see why.
There isn’t a better promotional product for your company to use in your marketing campaigns. With marketing budgets tight, any giveaway has to be cost effective. You can be sure that branded notebooks will prove their worth. Few promotional items will stay with your customers for as long as a notebook. Or be as useful.
Your customers will love receiving one with your logo branded on the cover. No matter how many technology products they have, none will be as easy to take notes with as a notebook.
As there is such a wide range, the problem is; how do you choose the best for you?
Don’t worry. With our experience we can help you choose your branded notebooks.
To start we should consider the following.
  • Who will use your branded notebooks?
  • How will your clients use the branded notebooks?
  • How do you want your notebooks branded?
Think about your clients when your choose your branded notebooks for your clients

Who will use your branded notebook?

It’s obvious that your notebooks with logo should match your brand. Yet, you should also consider if they match your clients.

The key to a good promotional product is making sure your customers will use them. Always keeping your name in front of them.

So let’s look at a few of the main categories of customers.


Your notebooks don’t have to be dull when your target category is corporate customers. Gone are the days when business gifts had to be black, blue or burgundy.

Although giving a financial client a pastel pink notebook might not be the best idea.

Moleskine and Castelli’s Tucson range remain favourite styles for professionals. Both have a wide range of colours without being too loud. An extra bonus is you can have more than your company logo on the cover. Each can include a further message to the inside for increased branding.

You may also want to look at the different styles of note pages. Lined A5 notebooks are the most used. But if you are dealing with Engineers and Architects squared or dotted pages work well.

Customers in the creative industries give the best scope for your imagination. Why not have a full colour digital print to the front.

Choose your branded notebooks for students
Choose your branded notebooks for students


Students will always have a need for a notebook and pen. They also love a good freebie. Your promotional notebooks will look so much better than school exercise books.

A University should choose a cover close to its colour. Then branding the crest on the front. This will give the students identity.

But if you are not the University, what notebooks should you give?

Wiro notepads and flexible notebooks are excellent choices. With the ability to fold the covers over, these save on limited space.

Mole Notebooks are very popular in this category too. Available in bright and pastel shades, they are fun and cheery.

Eco friendly promotional notebooks such as Broadstairs make perfect sense. Using recycled covers and notepaper. With students focused more on sustainability these match their ethics.

Business Events

There are two main types of business events. These are trade shows or conference.

Trade shows are awash with promotional products. They are like shiny business cards. But not all gifts will stay with your stand’s visitors after the event? This is a waste of your marketing campaign plus not eco friendly.
Choose your Branded notebooks for stand giveaways. They will definitely be with your customers longer. On this occasion match the colour to your brand. Choose from our Hardback range.
Hardcover wiro notepads are useful if the event is a conference. The hard cover gives a solid surface to lean on if tables are not available. For small quantities, the pages can have your logo, or become a training manual.
Choose your branded notebooks for students

So, in conclusion, there is no ‘magic’ notebook that will match everyone’s needs. But start by knowing who will use them and how. If you need any further help to choose your branded notebooks give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll be happy to help.